Green tea Green tea
Green tea Green tea
Green tea Green tea
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Green Tea (Green Tea) is one of the main teas in Vietnam, China. This tea made from fresh tea leaves or buds that do not need to go through fermentation, remove the green processes. By using the special drying method to keep the color of tea leaves, tea buds, and the aroma flavor of Green Tea intact.

Green tea is the most typical plant product contains compounds Taemin (acrid). Green tea is one of non-fermented tea so it retains all the highest substances in the fresh tea.

Fresh tea has selected on tea gardens invested by Tam Chau factory to take care of techniques, collect and treat tea trees with microbiological technology. This technology indeed to replace pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. To make sure to meet the increasing demands of consumers in terms of biosecurity. These probiotics are completely harmless to the body of the user of the product.

The young green tea buds after being collected are preserved and processed on technological lines and Japanese equipment. In the process of processing green tea, steaming tea is the most important stage, thanks to this stage, the finished tea is green or yellow-green, strong bitterness, and natural aroma.
Due to Vietnamese habits and customs, we often have 3 ways to enjoy green tea as follows:

Method 1: The simplest way that Vietnamese people from the old times till now still use it is to use leaves, or fresh tea leaves after picking to wash, brake with boiling water, and directly use.

Method 2: People pick young tea buds, bring them to dry over and then take them back, go through many stages such as fresh tiles, pitchers, dry tiles, get incensed, they have produced a product which is currently used the most is called bud tea.

How to do: Rinse teacup and pot with hot water, start with roughly 1 teaspoon for smaller leaves, and about 1 tablespoon for larger leaves. 
Steep the tea in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes. Pour the hot water directly over the tea leaves and allow the flavors to seep out for a few minutes. Different tea varieties require slightly different steeping times, so be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging. If you’re not sure how long to steep the leaves, start with 3 minutes for your first cup. Then add 30 more seconds for each subsequent cup until you find the perfect taste.
Generally speaking, green tea can be steeped for about 3 minutes.
Avoid steeping tea for longer than 5 minutes; it will only taste bitter. If you want a stronger cup, just add more tea leaves and keep the timing the same.

Method 3: Flavored and scented tea                                                       
After drying, flavored and scented tea add new aromas and flavors to the base tea. This can be accomplished through directly adding flavoring agents such as lotus, grapefruit, jasmine, rose. The most Vietnamese famous tea in the world is lotus tea. 
There are now many methods in making lotus tea and the most popular is mixing tea with lotus anthers. The locals pick lotus flowers and then collect the anthers for mixing with the tea. A layer of tea and a thin layer of lotus anthers are staggered and then wrapped in moisture-proof paper to keep both the flavors of the tea and the lotus anthers. After three days, the mixture of tea and lotus anthers is separated and the process is repeated seven times. A batch of lotus tea is completed after 20 days. Therefore lotus tea is expensive with limited output.

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