Each region has many different names such as Oolong tea, or Wulong tea. In the olden day, Oolong tea always thought of as a high-class tea imported from China or Taiwan at a high price. Do you know that Vietnam is also one of the countries in the world's leading in tea cultivation and production of oolong tea?

Green Tea (Green Tea) is one of the main teas in Vietnam, China. This tea made from fresh tea leaves or buds that do not need to go through fermentation, remove the green processes. By using the special drying method to keep the color of tea leaves, tea buds, and the aroma flavor of Green Tea intact.

These tea trees’ buds and young leaves are covered in a thin layer of snowy hair which creates the name “Tra Shan Tuyet” or Snowy Shan tea. Shan Tuyet tea brings a subtle drink with a soft aroma flavor and puce color. Tea is made by the manual method of the Mong and Dao ethnics people.