Cafe Arabica Cafe Arabica
Cafe Arabica Cafe Arabica
Cafe Arabica Cafe Arabica
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Café Chè is the Vietnamese name for Arabica coffee. This coffee has a two-part nomenclature scientific name because the tree has small leaves, and some morphological characteristics like tea - A common industrial tree species in Vietnam. Tea coffee has two types: Moka coffee and Catimor coffee

Arabica coffee beans have a slightly larger/elliptical shape
Arabica Cafe prefers to grow in high mountains (altitude from 1000-1500m), where the temperature is from 16 to 25° C, the rainfall is over 1000mm. The tree has a small canopy, dark green leaves, oval mature Arabica coffee tree has a height of 4-6m so Vietnamese people call this type of coffee tea.

Arabica is grown mainly in Brazil, accounting for 2/3 of the world's coffee production. 
The difference of Arabica Cafe compared to other types of coffee beans in the new processing stage. Arabica coffee berries are harvested, fermented by soaking in water, and then cleaned and dried, Arabica coffee has a sour taste -similar to tea those make the Arabica aroma elegant and noble.

The sourness of Arabica is not changing from sour to bitter. Lemon is very sour but turns to bitterness after tasting, this same as a way to feel the sour taste of the coffee.

Compare between Arabica and Robusta with the same roasted temperature, the color of Arabica is always lighter because Arabica beans are quite solid, the cracking is poor. Stiffer than Robusta after roasting, less hatching

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