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Cafe Culi Cafe Culi
Cafe Culi Cafe Culi
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Culi coffee is different from regular coffee in terms of color, flavor, and price. So what is Culi coffee? Where are they grown, how is the harvest? Is Culi coffee a separate crop?

Culi is a special kind of coffee, the bean has an oval shape, normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two seeds that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it.

Culi coffee is called Peaberry (Caracolillo-Spanish name)
When harvesting, farmers often choose these oval beans to separate, dry, and roast separately for sale. Culi is always loved by coffeeholic compare with the same type of coffee.

The flavor and color of Culi coffee
+ The taste of Culi coffee is unique, delicate, has an aftertaste, and is much more prominent than other common coffee beans in the same crop.
+ Culi coffee is bitter, high caffeine content, black drop
+ Due to the rare output, and especially due to the precious, unique flavor, the coffeeholic call Culi coffee "pearls" in the coffee kingdom.
+ Culi mutant coffee is relatively rare, except for about 2-4% in the crop
+ Culi coffee beans are round beans, especially a single coffee bean that grows on its own inside the cherry.
There are 2 common types of Culi coffee

It doesn’t matter what region they were grown in, whether they came from an Arabica or Robusta plant, how they were processed, or what roasting process is used. Peaberries are simply singleton beans. 
Let's compare these 2 types of Culi coffee.

- Culi Robusta coffee: stronger taste (more bitter, fatter, more caffeine) than regular Robusta coffee.
- Culi Arabica coffee: elegant sour taste, passionate aroma more attractive than regular Arabica coffee, also have higher caffeine content.

Culi coffee is the quintessential product that basalt red soil gives to Vietnamese people.

DOKI JSC provides Culi coffee with high quality. An attractive and affordable price for shops, cafes, agents, distribution facilities for bulk orders periodically.

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