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Cafe Robusta Cafe Robusta
Cafe Robusta Cafe Robusta
Cafe Robusta Cafe Robusta
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Robusta coffee beans are smaller than Arabica. To be dried directly instead of fermented. The bitter taste is the main taste and recommended by coffee-lovers.

Robusta is grown in many countries with tropical climates and altitudes below 600m (Vietnam only grows this). Vietnam is the second-largest coffee exporter in the world (after Brazil). Vietnam's majority coffee is Robusta, account for a third of the total coffee consumed worldwide.

Robusta coffee
Like tea coffee, 3-4 years old Robusta trees can begin to be harvested.
It takes about 20-30 years for the tree to start bear fruit. Robusta prefers to live in the tropics, with elevations below 1000 m above sea level.

The preferred temperature of the tree is about 24-29 °C; rainfall is over 1000 mm. Robusta plants need more sunlight than coffee-tea plants.

Robusta coffee has higher levels of caffeine and has a less pure flavor than Arabica (tea), so people underestimate it.
Robusta coffee smells a little harsh. Robusta has a neutral to harsh taste range and often likened to having an “oatmeal-like” taste. When unroasted, the smell of Robusta beans described as raw-peanutty. Roasted Robusta coffee will have a faint aroma like rubber burned.

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