Robusta coffee beans are smaller than Arabica. To be dried directly instead of fermented. The bitter taste is the main taste and recommended by coffee-lovers.

Moka is one of Arabica varieties, was brought by the French since the 30s of the last century to Vietnam planted in Da Lat. Moka coffee trees can only plant and grow at an altitude of 1500m. This coffee requires special environmental conditions, a special treatment as well as technical, but the yield is very small. Therefore Moka is a rare coffee in Vietnam.

Café Chè is the Vietnamese name for Arabica coffee. This coffee has a two-part nomenclature scientific name because the tree has small leaves, and some morphological characteristics like tea - A common industrial tree species in Vietnam. Tea coffee has two types: Moka coffee and Catimor coffee

Culi coffee is different from regular coffee in terms of color, flavor, and price. So what is Culi coffee? Where are they grown, how is the harvest? Is Culi coffee a separate crop?